Initial Phone Call

Initial Phone Call

This phone call is a chance to find out if I might be a good fit for you, as choosing a therapist is a really personal decision. I want you to get the support that will be best for you. So during our phone call I’ll probably ask what you’d like from therapy to find out if we might be a good fit to work together. You can also find a bit more information about me, the way I work as well as finding out if it is likely that I might be the right sort of support for you at the moment.

It’ll last about 15 minutes.

Please choose a time which will work for you from the following calender:


I’ll call you on the number you gave me and if you can find a quiet enough space to feel free to talk that’d be great. If you need to rearrange or provide another number please email or text me (with your name).

I look forward to talking with you.