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I work with people who think and feel deeply to untangle what’s important to them and escape the constancy of depression or anxiety.

You often feel overwhelmed and can feel so distant from the world others seem to be living in. You’ve been carrying a sense of dread, sadness, anger or ‘wrongness’ with you for a while now and you’re tired of it.

You question almost everything, look at things from every angle; sometimes you enjoy this but it can also be painful and leave you feeling like no choice is the right one. Other people don’t seem to be so bothered by it all and they say you shouldn’t think or care so much; but you don’t know how else to be.

Often you’ve felt on the edge of things, feeling like you’re on the outside looking in. You’ve tried to join in and to fit with the ‘norm’, but it doesn’t feel right. You really want to belong, but you fear loosing yourself.

Together we will work to find your voice and value your depth and sensitivity. Why? Because all these parts can hold such insight about what’s important to you and can help you to value the unique person you are. I can help you to disentangle what you want from what you’re supposed to want by understanding life from your perspective. We can work through the pain of the past too, when you are ready.

I work with warmth and compassion and, with time, I hope this will begin to challenge that feeling that you’re not good enough. We will explore life from the deep because not only can it lead to deep connection, but from here you can find a way to really value the whole of you. It can mean you find your own voice amongst the noise.

If this makes sense to you… please do get in contact. I offer a free half an hour initial session so we can work out if I am the right counsellor for you. Finding a therapist is a really personal decision, and it’s important to me that you find someone that is a ‘good fit’ for you, so come and meet me, let’s see if this can help. It can be too hard to do it alone sometimes.