It’s over…

For some this festive period may have been fun, relaxing, and for others, something to be survived, and full of dread. And now it’s over (although of course the emotional impact may not be).

At this time of year I often reflect on the year which has passed with its ups and lows, the learnings and the losses… and think about some gentle movements I may like to make in the year ahead. They are definitely not resolutions, more ideas and thoughts which if important may stick around and grow to be helpful to me.

There’s no reason why reflection has to happen now (or at all), but it seems as good a place as any for me, so if it feels it might be helpful to you (sometimes it might not be the right time if festivities have taken their toll on you) here are some questions I asked myself (inspired by this article here):

  • What was a moment I was most proud of in 2017? What does that tell me about what I want to spend my energy/time/money on this year?
  • Did someone enrich my life somehow in 2017? If yes, in what way? Is there someone I am wanting to get to know better in the year ahead?
  • What did I resist most effectively? What did I surrender to?
  • Who did I feel most jealous of (or inspired by) last year? What is that person up to that I want to bring more of into my own life?
  • When was I most physically joyful in 2017? How can I get there more in 2018?
  • What is one question that I found myself asking over and over again last year? What version of an answer am I living my way into?

I hope the year ahead is a time that gives you the space to find what you want and need….

Image Credit: The image above is by East of Fukushima by Mayako Nakamura an example of automatic drawing, which is a way you could use to encourage creativity whilst reflecting on the answers,…. or y’know doodle…