Person-Centred Counselling

I aim to understand you as you are right now, and ensure you are always at the centre of our therapeutic relationship. I will try to be my whole self and be ‘real’ with you. Sometimes I will comment on what might be going on in our relationship, which can help in a number of ways, one might be that what happens in our relationship reflects what happens in other relationships and help us to reflect on this; another is that it may help to strengthen and deepen our work together. I am a person-centred counsellor and work with warmth, honesty and compassion.

Person-centred Counselling - Carl Rogers

Carl Rogers developed the person-centred approach and was the founder of humanistic psychology. During his work with clients he discovered that when he truly listened and did not try to ‘fix them’ the person actually found the ‘answers’ themselves. This in the way in which I hope to practice, as I strongly believe that each individual has the capacity to grow as a result of life’s challenges and experiences rather than need to be diagnosed and treated.

You can see how Carl Rogers worked with clients here (despite, or as well as, the 70’s feel) and get a feel for what it might be like to be a client with a Person-Centred Therapist who is warm, empathetic and understanding.

Person-centred Therapists often talk about something called the Core Conditions, which is essential in building a therapeutic relationship with you. They are:

  • empathy (the ability to imagine myself in your position)
  • unconditional positive regard (warm, positive feelings, for the person regardless of the person’s behaviour)
  • congruence (honesty and openness).


You can find lots more information about the person-centred approach online, a good places is the The British Association for the Person-Centred Approach. If you have any questions please feel free to ask.