Unplanned Absence

Unplanned Absence

It is important to me that you receive competent care in the event I am unable to continue to provide it for whatever the reason. Just like you, unplanned things can happen to me including sickness, accidents and even death.

In the event I am ever unable to continue to provide my services to you, I have identified a trusted colleague who will manage my practice, provide information and, if necessary, suggest other therapists who may offer continuing care if I am unable to do so.

I take our appointment time seriously and will always be there if I can. Sometimes, and I hope incredibly rarely, I may confuse our appointment time, if so contact me straight away and I will be in contact as quickly. However, if I do not get back to you it may because I am unable to do so, in which case you should contact the following person.

This person will inform you of my situation and status, offer to either meet with you and or make referrals to other practitioners whom he trusts.

He is a qualified Counsellor.

Name: Jim Flowers
Phone number: 07593 023800
E-mail address: jimrflowers@hotmail.com

You can download a PDF version of this policy.

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