Assertiveness is about the acceptance and importance of your own needs in relationships. It is the enforcement of equality. Click here for a good explanation of the concept.

Focusing on your feelings

Focusing was developed by Eugine Gendlin and can be a really helpful way to connect with how you are feeling. Sometimes whilst we carry around our feelings with us we tend to judge and curb the awareness of what we want or really feel. For example, I may think that of course I don’t enjoy being really busy all the time, but if I focus on my felt experience I will discover that I feel important and excited by my busyness; this will help be to further explore and provide more self awareness, and with that the ability to change.  I sometimes support clients to focus in on there feelings during our sessions together, and if you want to try it at home take a look here to help in self led focusing.

You can also find out more information at The Focusing Institute with detailed descriptions of what focusing is, and some examples and instructions of how to do it.

The British Focusing Association promotes the development and teaching of Focusing. There’s lots of useful information on their website including focusing resources available in the UK.
High Sensitivity

Elaine Aron website about sensory processing sensitivity. Dr. Ted Zeff has a lot of useful information on his website about high sensitivity.

Facebook Groups: there are a whole host of sites dedicated to high sensitivity including this one.

Ane Axford and Anna Holden in my mind lead the sensitivity revolution, where they treat sensitivity as strength – a radical shift of our current cultural thinking.

Low Fee Counselling Services

You will find a comprehensive list of free and low fee counselling services here.

Reflective Journal 

A downloadable guide to help you to create a reflective journal

Self-care resources 

DBT Self Help: a wealth of ideas of how to self soothe and care for yourself


Sleep can really effect the way we feel about our day and ourselves. I recently discovered I had insomnia, which may sound weird, but I didn’t know it shouldn’t take so long to nod off. On discovering it I did lots of research and changed a few things, and sure enough I now fall to sleep really quickly, and feel much more rested. Here are some tips I found really effective, especially sleep restriction which encourages the body to enter a deeper sleep quickly. I hope you find them useful.

Suicidal Thoughts

Please if you are considering suicide talk with someone who will listen to you. Edinburgh has a number of contact points: Breathing Space, The Samaritans or The Edinburgh Crisis Centre.

Suicide: Stay, because we need each other

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