Sensitive & Proud: what do you need?

I really need to sit and stare for a while.
I need to walk slowly and just have the space to think.
I need to lie in and look at the sky.
I need some space.
I need to be able to cry when I feel great joy and when I feel the deep dark.
I need my sleep.
I need to watch stuff that’s predictable and silly because sometimes I am overwhelmed.
I need comfort.
I need the comfort of trees.
I need to play.
I need friendship.
I need to remind myself it’s ok to be me.
I need to remember that all I have is now.

These are just somethings I need in my life to not be overwhelmed. This is just me, but I feel it’s also linked to being highly sensitive. Reflecting on things deeply and being really aware of everything around me is my favourite part of me, and it does mean I can easily be overwhelmed, so I have to be honest with myself about what I need to stay sane(ish). Some of those parts I’m ok with, some not so much; but I continue to realise my real needs, and stop pretending that I don’t have them.

We all do.

What do you need?