Therapy in Edinburgh

Counselling Therapy is a process that helps clients to make choices about their life or to understand feelings, such as depression, which may be difficult to experience. It offers people the opportunity to change how they feel and to live more fully.

In practice this means I will support you to talk about what is troubling you, listen and try to understand what it might be like to expereince the world as you do. The aim of this is to help you become clearer about both the extent and effect of the issue and to help you to recognise a solution, if there is one.

Counselling Therapy usually takes place once a week for about an hour. During this time clients can talk about their troubles and explore difficult feelings in a safe space which should be free from interuption and is confidential. A counselling therapist should respect your point of view while helping you to deal with difficulties, understand yourself more and improve relationships.

Counselling Therapists help you to develop insight into your feelings and behaviour. As a Person-Centred Counsellor I may discuss our relationship, ask you questions, and will always aim to be myself with you. This is because I believe it is the therapautic relationship which can transform how you feel about yourself and others.